– dedicated to empowering nonviolent political and social change

Our Hopeful Vision and Mission:

Our first office in Arcata in the 1980's
Our first office in Arcata in the 1980’s
Our hope is for a world of peace, social justice and ecological harmony. We strive to encourage and build faith in our own abilities to create the world we want to see. We always have been committed to empowering grassroots groups by providing these educational, fundraising and visibility resources as reasonably priced as we can.

Our Roots and History:

We started up in 1982 after learning how to source and create some of the classic movement tools like buttons, stickers and posters. We began mainly working with the nuclear disarmament movement in the early 1980’s, but quickly realized the connections between all the progressive issues and began producing resources for those movements as well. Throughout the late 1980’s and the 1990’s we broaden our scope of issues and our range of resources again bringing in the timely issues of Central America, South Africa, globalization and reproductive freedom. We’ve traveled extensively in these years to major conferences, rallies and activist gatherings. In the 2000’s we weathered the challenging times of the Bush presidency and started assisting in major conference organizing efforts and backend support.

Looking Forward from 2019:

Flo the whale was often our companion!
Flo the whale was often our companion!
This is now our 37th year of service and our sincere appreciation goes to all of our supporters. Your continuing support keeps us afloat and empowers us to go forward and expand our efforts. Please help us share these positive outlooks and resources. The coming years will be full of opportunities for creative grassroots efforts to turn world history around from its current course. The urgency of the times is acute. America is at a critical juncture in its history – we are in the midst of a constitutional crisis and have a great need to change our direction on many fronts. Please reach out to your friends, neighbors and associates. Share your spirit, knowledge and resources. Together we are continuing the patriotic tradition of grassroots nonviolent activism in America and are capable to heroic achievements. We thank all of you again for your local efforts and look forward to being of service to you.
Gulf War LA Rally Table
We often travel to major activist rallies.