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Awareness Dollars

These unique Awareness Dollars are the artful expression of activist and former congressional candidate Carol Brouillet. These dollars were created as a portal to some of the good websites promoting monetary reform and world transformation. Carol writes “…one reason that traditional US Federal Reserve notes still work is simply lack of a better, viable alternative, but it is definitely time to rethink our monetary system and devise new systems that heal, restore, nourish life rather than impoverish, kill, and threaten life as the current debt-based exchange/war-economy does. I believe the ideal economy is the gift economy, the love economy, so invisible to modern economists, but that which supports all life and dwarfs the exchange economies.”

We are excited about helping in the distribution of these dollars and all the good work being done in this area of awakening people to the abundance we have together as a sharing community.

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Awareness Dollars

Perception Dollars


7.5" X 3" Comes in packs of 10